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About Us

Qrovado was started by two seasoned travelers who were often queried on how they managed to see so much of the world. Because of this, we decided to offer our services globally to afford everyone a chance to explore their planet no matter how much or how little they have to spend.

Our Services

Whether you're looking for plane tickets, accommodation, a detailed itinerary or the whole package, we have you covered! Simply tell one of our specialists where you want to go and your preferred budget, and we'll come back to you with a few of the best options for you to decide from.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We're here for you from the moment you start planning your trip until you get back.  This helps ensure you're entirely satisfied with your trip.  Whether you come across an unexpected issue or you simply want more information about where you are, we're always happy to help


Who Are We

Melvin and Natalie are your friendly personal travel assistants, here to help turn your dream holiday into a reality. Being passionate travelers ourselves, we know that planning a trip can sometimes be overwhelming and that's where we step in.  For us, finding the best deals and planning itineraries is one of the many exciting parts of exploring the world, so we're happy to lift the burden off those who either don't have the time to do it, or don't enjoy doing it themselves.

What We Do

We start by asking you a few specific questions about what you're hoping to get out of your trip before we start our research.  Next, after we've formulated a couple of options for you to choose from, we'll come back to you and get your feedback.  If you're happy to proceed, we then book the trip, or if you want to tweak a few details, we'll head back to the drawing board to make it happen.

In short, Qrovado:

- Offer comprehensive travel itineraries for all kinds of travelers
- Find and organise flights and accommodation
- Arrange birthday, honeymoon or anniversary getaways

- Offer travel advice on call during your trip

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